Mini Three Toed Sloth

Mini Three Toed Sloth

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Slow down your life when you embody the lifestyle of the three-toed sloth. Algae and small insects can live in the Fur of the mammal because it is so sedentary, making for a great camouflage in the trees. If you feel like being lazy, this is the perfect companion because the Sloth can sleep from 15 to 20 hours a day.

This Sloth plush animal is an essential item to have for décor or to play with at a Sloth party. Everyone can enjoy this surface washable plushier day or night, and for on the go entertainment.

Being 8 Inches and lightweight allows for transporting your best plush animal companion practically anywhere. The three-toed Sloth eats leaves, fruits, and shoots. Surprisingly, this mammal is slow on land but they are excellent swimmers. They also have an extra vertebra in their necks, which allow for a 270-degree range of view.