Our Story


The Happy Days Co. was created with the intention to find and promote all things that make an artful and aesthetic heart sing. We have always felt inspiration through creativity and wanted to share that feeling with those around us. Focusing on adding those magical “over the top” extras to all things seasonal, holiday, celebratory, and day-to-day. The metaphorical (and sometimes literal) icing on the cake.


Here at the shop we are broken down into a couple of different elements. Our shop, our art classes for kids, and craft events. All in motion and working together to encourage our vision within our walls. 


We aim to house a bright, fun, and creative family style boutique committed to finding things that bring joy and happiness. Whether it be the most festive kids outfit, the perfect toy, or just the right gift, we strive to have it. Books, greeting cards, board games and journals line our shelves, while stuffed animals and dolls fill our baskets. We want you to not only find the perfect thing you didn't even know you were looking for, but simply enjoy the time you spend doing it. 


We know it’s the little things that count. The small additions to any idea that go the longest distance and often mean the most. I mean, a perfectly wrapped gift is just as much fun to give as what’s inside, right? And the bow around it is always the *chefs kiss* cherry on top!


Once the shop closes we moonlight with weekly unique and interesting art and craft classes for kids (and hopefully adults soon!). While we are starting out slowly, this is one part of the company we are dedicated to growing as we grow ourselves within the community. 


So, come to shop, come to get creative, come to check out our art and craft classes, or just come to hang out! Visit us in real life or online, either way, we can’t wait to meet you.