42pcs Hidden Secret Letter Code Game

42pcs Hidden Secret Letter Code Game

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DISCOVER & LEARN: PicassoTiles has combined its magnetic tiles and secret animal cards to take learning to the next tier! The 42pcs magnetic tile, animal, food, and letter card combo set include 16 magnetic tiles plus 26 cards containing 56 graphics on the front and back of the cards with animal, food, letters, and vocabulary.

CREATE YOUR OWN: The 42 pcs magnetic tile combo set can be played in so many different ways. Be creative and create your own unique way by adding the card in between 2 magnetic tiles and connect that with a castle your kids built or place the colorful magnetic tiles over the cards as a magnifying tool to reveal the letter (Some animals might disappear after doing this but some might stay - fun discovery process)

In the Box 8 Squares 4 Equilateral Triangles 4 Isosceles Triangles 26 Secret Letter Cards with 56 Graphics