Wooden Logic Puzzle

Wooden Logic Puzzle

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EASY STORAGE & PORTABILITY - This wooden burr interlocking logic skill genius puzzle sensory toy has 8 styles of brain teaser intellectual games. Assemble 3D cubes, balls barrels, and other varieties of shapes with various high-quality precisely cut wood puzzle pieces. Develop problem-solving abilities, spatial imagination, creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, teamwork, and social development by working with others to solve and take apart these challenging brain teasers.

PERFECT FOR EVERYONE - Children and adults alike can enjoy and learn from solving the puzzles as well. This wooden burr puzzle provides a tough challenge for children ages 6 or older, teens, adults, family members, students, grandparents, and any puzzle enthusiast who wants to enjoy brain stimulation, relieve stress, or even just relax. Make collaboration entertaining.

In the Box: PicassoTiles PTP08 8 Style Burr Puzzle Set - Wooden Ball, Barrel, Globe, Star, Snake Cube, Square Cube